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Engr Nedu (Elvis) has the Laptop Power Bank that is able to power your Pc Laptop for a full day, Charge your Mobile Phones, Fans, T.V etc…

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Downfall To "I Pass My Neighbor" [Generator]

No NEPA, No Generator, Don’t worry…

Use the best long lasting Laptop Power Bank with a full day lasting is finally here to serve your needs…

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Charge Up Your PC Laptop Systems Anywhere & Anytime With High Quality Customized Laptop Power Bank.

Are you like me, who always gets frustrated every time NEPA (PHCN) takes the light, especially when working on an important project with your Pc Laptop, or probably you’re doing an online business that requires a 24/7 steady power supply for your PC Laptop.

But you realize that every time Nepa (PHCN) takes the light, you either have to switch to [I Pass My Neighbor Generator], Or your work stops…

But I assure you from today, Not Any More…

Get your quality potable unique Laptop Power Bank with 250,000 mAh, that comes with inverter of 12V Direct Circuit and 5V USB output.

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Long-Lasting Laptop Power Bank of 512WH, 768WH, 1280WH, 1920WH will...
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Best Laptop Power Bank of 512WH, 768WH, 1280WH, 1920WH will...
%Laptop Power Bank%
PC Laptop Power Bank of 512WH, 768WH, 1280WH, 1920WH will...

How It All Started...

I remember burning petrol/fuel daily with an irritating noise [I Pass My Neighbor] called Generator.

As a digital marketer👈 

I needed a calm environment to be productive in my work.

Every time the NEPA (PHCN) takes the light, I fight with my Generator before it starts;

If it doesn’t, I will have to drag it to a repair workshop, which will cost me a lot of money, quality time, and delays in completing my tasks on time.

One day I got tired of the Generator and sold it for N5,000, what a shame…

I went on research with some electrical knowledge and background;

I started testing and building a Laptop & Phone Power Bank with the help of my mentor.

I wanted to be a solution to the problem I’ve experience by building a Pc Power Bank;

Not just an ordinary Laptop Or Phone Power Bank that last for a few minutes;

But something that can last a full day.

After multiple Trial & Testing, Research, Mistakes and Failures, including months of endurance working on something that seems impossible;

Including extra tutorials, and Bootcamp, wasted a lot of money on material that got damage on testing,

Even went broke on it, yes I did…

And finally, I built my own Powerful Laptop & Phone Power Bank that will last for a full day.

Now you can purchase your best and long-lasting PC power bank with a 2-year Guarantee.

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If you are interested in the product or want to make inquires,

Please call or send email:, +2349071343887.

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